House for sale.
Cozy, one floor, brick facing.
Three bedrooms, two full bathrooms, lots of dreams.
Eat-in kitchen.
Attached two-car garage.
Fully fenced back yard.
Close to shopping, schools, highway.
Doghouse in back yard suitable for medium to large dog.

Under full disclosure laws, the following conditions must be revealed:
Doghouse is haunted.

Haunting manifests in the following ways:
Appearance/disappearance of tennis balls, pieces of rope, frisbees.
Whimpering sounds from doghouse
in apparent reaction to sadness or agitation of humans in the house.
Barking during thunderstorms or periods of high wind speed.
Children hiding in doghouse during play report wet ears, faces.
Water containers left in vicinity of doghouse spontaneously empty.
Living dogs housed in doghouse only occupy half of doghouse.
Squirrels avoid house and yard.
Cats welcome.

If you have loved and lost a dog, but can’t bear to get another one,
this may be the perfect house for you!
For information, please call 800-555-1212


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